This world amazes me,
Not in a subtle way,
But in a way which leaves me in a reverie;
They all talk, who are in power;
They all weep, who are under cloud’s shower;
Not me, not you; I talk about the ones in curfew;
Those who stand in que, to get a night’s shelter in a loo;
Those who smile, hoping there’s a holy spirit divine;
Those who feed their children, not giving way to despair;
Those who fear a malady more than the ghosts in fallacy;

He was among those people,
Who wished to fall off some steeple;
But he runs and runs and runs,
To save his sons, from the hunger which could make them victims of guns;
Taking them to places distant, making them read and write in a trauma constant;
Sparing them the pieces of the world and himself, which were with him abysmal.
Saving them from the mind’s calaboose, wherein he was trapped loose.

But he runs and runs and runs,
No matter what comes;
Fathoming every step to take and solution to make;
In a hope to find a light in the dark night;
He was a mudder, who could run despite all the ligatures.

For him they were the hope;
Not only them, but every children like them;
Because they hold the potential, with pieces we give of ourselves;
Not to die an unger death, but to let live a hundred sheds.
There shall be men like him, who will teach not me, not you, but all of us, to be true.

And he runs and runs and runs,
Till his last breath comes.

And so much more

IMG_20191123_154659_650If I were to tell you
How you made me feel
In the form of a material thing
I would grow a tree
The first time I saw you
You planted the seed of curiosity
It grew into love in a split second
I was mesmerized
I was spell bound
I shed the old leaves
So that you could grow some new ones
I didn’t realise some old leaves were still lingering
Until you took your sunlight away
In those moments of eclipse
I realised I’m not an artificial scenic beauty
Rather a living life-giving tree
I’m stiff, I’m nurturing, I’m adept, I’m bounty
I hold sage like wisdom
I’d be lying if I say I didn’t miss your sunlight
But I’d be lying if I say I needed it by then
Because remember? I realised my strength
Strength which was made of not only your sunlight
But also
The water that was put into me
The roots I had grown
The earth I was attached to
And the vivid life giving creature I had become
And in those moments
When I saw the sunlight again
I felt a calming power
Power that came from within me
And you
And in those moments of togetherness
I felt whole
I was feeling whole in the eclipse
But this is a feeling of rather coming home
But I’m now aware of
The day and night
The eclipse and the bright sky
I’m now aware of the power of union
Of separation
Of being whole
And one
You’re the sunlight to my tree
And so much more

The quest

As I walk past lush green trees, free flowing river, chirping birds, beneath the woolpack of clouds, I do not just the see the breathtaking beauty of nature but I take a moment to close my eyes and see the beauty within myself. I see within myself the universe they talk about, the wholeness of a beautiful soul. As I allow myself to get lost in my vivid imaginations yet be alive in the moment and listen to the mesmerising song of birds, of rivers, of trees, and of my soul.

Every sound is a dot that I connect to form a story for my ears, a story that will lead me in my journey to the next step. But, what is my journey? How would I know that I’m on a journey? I’d know. The universe lets me know through signs that I fathom upon and take it on myself to delve deeper into my quest towards my greater self, greater quest and greater good.

Don’t fall in love with me

Don’t fall in love with me if you don’t have the courage to dive into deep waters with me.

Don’t fall in love with me if we can’t calm our demons together.

Don’t fall in love with me if you only want to see my chirpy side.

Don’t fall in love with me if you like to swim in grey waters because there’s no grey for me.

Don’t fall in love with me if your idea of loyalty is vague to answer.

Don’t fall in love with me aimlessly.

Don’t fall in love with me if I’m too much for you.

काश तब पता होता

काश तब पता होता
कि हर बारिश अलग होती हैं
कभी सूखा पढ़ता है तो कभी बाड़ ही ला देती हैं
कभी सुकून दे जाती हैं
तो कभी बेघर करा देती हैं

काश तब पता होता
कि पहली बारिश का एहसास दोबारा नहीं होता
उस बारिश का नशा दोबारा नहीं होता

तो शायद आज उस बारिश के रुक जाने का अफसोस इतना ना होता।

कुछ इस तरह मोहब्बत कीजिए

दूर से पहाड़ों की खूबसूरती में खोने वालों को पहाड़ों से प्यार नहीं होता
पहाड़ों के मौसम में ढलने वालों को और बार बार ढलने वालों को प्यार होता हैं

लहरों की खिलखिलाहट में कौन नहीं खोता
मगर उनमें उतर कर दो बात करने वाले को प्यार होता हैं

खुले आसमान से तो सब प्यार कर लेते हैं
बहुत कम ही बारिश में डूबे काले घने बादलों से इश्क लड़ाते हैं

कुछ इस तरह मोहब्बत कीजिए
कि वो भी कहें अब बस भी कीजिए।

Stand tall; Own your own Story.

We all have our stories, good and bad; we all share some of our stories, mostly the good ones; very few of us talk openly about our bad days, about our insecurities, about our tragedies, about our miseries, why? Is it because we are scared of being judged? Is it because we only want the world to know the good things about our lives? The problem is not in this thinking, the problem is with you and I. We need to start normalizing bad days, miseries, tragedies; we all have our share of miseries and if you get to know some part of it of someone else’s life, know it that you don’t know it all before judging that person.

The biggest tragedy that we face is what other fellow humans will say about us as individuals, about our choices, what we do, how are we living our life, whom are we liking and spending our time with, how we talk etc. etc., what is this urge to talk about other people’s lives, talk about things that we aren’t fully aware of? We forget that we all belong to the same race, human race; what you are facing today, I may face tomorrow and like wise, what we should embrace is kindness in our acts, towards each other, which is so underrated that we do not talk about it often; before judging other fellow humans, I would ask myself do I know his /her place and stance completely? am I eligible to question his place, how he’s living his life? I’d do this. Would you too?

For those who get affected by this, all I want to tell you is don’t give the power to control your life’s choices to the opinions and comments of others; just a reiteration of your words because we all know this, sometimes we need someone else to tell us what we already know. This piece is for those times. is-the-joy-of-the-lord-your-strength-bj1w8ldf-67cfc536a8fefa86dc63b32e01512ce0


To her,
To them,
I am to blame,
And to me? Myself again.
But, I would ask you,
All that I ever wanted to,
With all the love that has made me sing the songs that I do,
After all the screeching pain that made me tremble in chunk of hate and despise,
of the symphonies of the dead,
And agonies of my bed;
Why would I kill my own child?

The agony,
that I talk about,
is of one weak moment,
that rendered my life upside down,
But, I never wanted to let her suffer,
The loathe that they offer,
For she and I,
were just the kind of lovers,
they write books about,
they sing songs of,
For she and I,
were just meant to be together.

Are you asking questions?

I wonder, sometimes, how difficult it becomes for us to vividly understand mere simple things about life, about ourselves, what we are, who we are, why are we who we are, we tend to not ask questions, or may be we do but not from ourselves, or do we?

It’s different for me, it is definitely different for you, but we all are living a journey, aren’t we? And that’s what makes us all similar.

These simple yet not so simple questions differentiate you from me and me from all of you. But the question that we should linger on more than often is are we really asking questions? If not, then why not? What is it that is stopping you from talking to yourself? Knowing yourself a little bit more?

I’m sure none of us have it all figured out, we all go from nothing to something and we grow this something to something more and this growth makes it all worth it.

I do not know what stage I’m in but I know I’m a few steps ahead of what I discovered few months back, are you on the quest of this discovery too? Because if not, you should be. Every step will get you closer and at peace with yourself and that’d be one of the most beautiful feelings you’d want to feel.

Sun and moon

Dear love,
You were, you are, and you will always be the best thing that has ever happened to me. Because you move my heart like no other, like it hasn’t been this way ever and this feels like forever. You give me chills when you smile, you give me heartaches when you hurt yourself, whenever I feel I’m losing the grip of my hand that is holding your hand as tight as it was yesterday.
I’ve never felt the urge to do anything and everything that I can to see that smile lightening my eyes, no matter what it costs me.
Is it me that wants this feeling to be as it is forever and bind myself to you like sky binds itself to the moon, or do you too? But why do I forget that there is sun too, if one is a cold winter breeze the other is the deadly summer grease. Why do I forget if there are times when I roll myself into your arms, then there are going to be times when I will sleep without your arms by my side. Why do I forget that a day comes only after a night passes and there cannot be a day forever, night is an essential part for the day to come.
You made me realise how much of a struggle it is to overcome the stormy night and see the sparkling bright light after all of it, as we love the cuddly coldness, so do we the warm harshness, because it is with you.
If it wasn’t with you, I would’ve ran ran ran far far away. But it’s you..
My only and only cuddly weather forever, no matter how it is outside our home.
Your lover,